What Does A Production Coordinator Do On Tour?

What is a Production Coordinator?

A production coordinator, also known as a production assistant or band/personal assistant, is the person on tour responsible for things like booking accommodations for travel and ensuring everyone is taken care of on their off-day. They have very similar responsibilities to people like the tour manager and the personal assistant.

Skills required to be a Production Coordinator

The necessary skill set to be a successful production coordinator includes organization, attention to detail, and having an excellent understanding of the wants and needs of the people on tour. As part of the production team for a tour, it’s generally in the job description to plan things like travel plans and ensure all the visas are taken care of, so being organized is necessary. It’s critical to pay attention to what the other people on the production team are up to so nothing falls through the cracks and gets forgotten. Being a team player and making sure everyone is taken care of is also essential.

Working with crew vs. working with artist

In general, jobs that specify that they’re directly related to the “tour” center around the artist. In contrast, jobs that specifically use the terms “coordinator” or “production” are more focused on the crew. It can be challenging to determine who’s doing what job on any given tour because of all the people that fall under the “production” umbrella. Usually, when tours are large enough to require this many specialized people, everyone just plays to their strengths to get the job done. 

Daily Tasks of a Production Coordinator

An average tour day starts with heading into the venue to meet up with the local crew to discuss logistics for the day ahead. Because the nature of this job can be similar to other jobs like tour manager or production manager, the daily layout is similar and just depends on the nature of that specific tour. The bigger the tour, the more specialized the jobs get, and it’s critical to have good communication skills to fill in whatever gaps there are. Tasks like hanging day sheets, ensuring the runners have cash and lists of needed items and setting up the dressing rooms are all things that need to be done by someone, and someone may be the production coordinator.

For jobs on the production side of things, it’s more centered around taking care of the crew instead of the artist. So while the crew is preoccupied with setting up for the show, it’s an excellent time for people on the production team to get caught up with their work. 

Production Coordinator Tips

  1. Staying organized is the best way to make sure when emergencies arise, they’re easy to be dealt with
  2. Pick your job to match your personality traits
  3. Create good relationships with hotels and airlines to make sure your job easier
  4. Work smarter, not harder
  5. Respect people’s personal space and their time, so they also respect you
  6. Prioritizing your to-do list is everything when it comes to being able to roll with the punches
  7. Don’t think you’re above doing the specific things on tour as you get bigger

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