What Does Security Do At A Concert?

What Does a Security Guard Do?

Security is the most important thing for a concert and security guards play a big role as the backbone of all live events. In the music industry, there are different levels that fall into the security jobs category such as venue security, festival security, and artist’s personal security guard. The main goal of all the security personnel, however, is to keep people safe and to mitigate the risks that could come up.

Skills Required to be a Security Guard 

To be eligible for a security job, one needs to have a security background. The significant thing to consider when working in the music industry as a security guard, however, is to really be able to understand what music does to people. It does not matter how strong-looking a security guard is, what matters the most is their ability to read the room and know when things get serious.

Responsibilities of Security Guards

A security guard’s job is to follow a bunch of different plans that have to do with the police, traffic control, medical issues, etc. Their responsibility might change depending on the different positions they are in; however, their main goal is to keep people safe.

Venue Security 

Venue security creates escape plans and communicates with the tour security to make sure they are on the same page. They guard the artist, the backstage door and the stage, and they ensure that no one is in the backstage without passes/credentials. They make sure that the concert attendees are kept safe by catching people in barricades and stepping in if something is not right.

Festival Security 

Their main goal is to manage the festival crowd and make sure they are safe. In addition they make sure people with the proper credentials are able to gain access the areas they need access to. 

Artist’s Personal Security  

The artist’s personal security escorts the artist everywhere they go. They work mostly in teams, and they ensure the concert venue’s safety before the artist arrives. Protocols about safety may differ as their first and foremost responsibility is to take care of the artist.

Tips for Security Guards 

  1. It is not an easy job having that responsibility for all the people’s safety and security.
  2. Every artist has a different approach when it comes to security.
  3. You always have to be on guard.
  4. Your decisions and the way you handle things affect everything.

How to Contribute to Security

  1. Be kind to security guards. Everyone is there to do their job. Don’t make it harder than it already is.
  2. Don’t take pictures of your pass and share it on social media. When you do that, they have to change the entire pass structure, and this makes their job exponentially harder. It is not just about people being where they shouldn’t be (backstage, for example), it’s about people shooting up concerts (acts of terrorism), it’s about people carrying diseases, etc.
  3. Keep in mind that there are reasons why there are rules.

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