What Does A Dancer Do On Tour?

An artist’s performance gains depth on stage, TV shows, and music videos if supported by dancers. Whether having formal training or individually constant learning, there are many opportunities that a dancer could find in the music industry, one of which is being a touring dancer. 

Skills Required to Be A Touring Dancer

Being a touring dancer requires dance experience in different styles like modern dance, hip-hop, and ballet. Dance experience supported by good technique and stamina is an indispensable feature for a dancer.

It is always necessary for a dancer to constantly practice for keeping up and improving skills. The dancer’s communication with their body should be healthy, they need to work out regularly to stay fit and have strength.

Because auditions are key to getting hired, it is important to know what to do at an audition and read the room. Dancers should be able to learn and perform choreographies quickly without hesitation.

Daily Routine of a Touring Dancer

Daily Routine 

The dancer’s morning starts with maintaining their body whether by going to the gym or stretching. While keeping their body fit with exercise, drinking water is also highly essential for their health since they have intense stage shows. Drinking water makes a lot of difference because it helps with anxiousness and adrenaline as well. When the dancers arrive at the venue, they eat and rest. Before the show, they do pre-show warm-ups.

Routines That Might Change 

Although they have choreography, dancers might have to do freestyling from time to time depending on the mood of the audience or when the artist changes the order of the songs. Dancers are always on their toes to be ready for such situations.

There are times that dancers need to go into rehearsals because the artist drops a new song and will be performing it at the next destination. 


Dancers often have to change clothes, get their hair and makeup done between songs in as little as a minute. This is a very short time for getting ready, however, they have to be alert, and they cannot be spaced out. For these reasons, the showtime on tour is the most intense time for them and the thing they are hired for becomes the easy part of their job but keeping up with the timing of quick changes becomes the hardest part.

After the Show 

There might be some tours that make it mandatory for dancers to watch the entire show’s recording and take notes on what could have been done better. So, they have to sit in the front lounge on the bus and go through everything on the road after the show. Being a dancer, therefore, means having one of the most demanding jobs on tour.

 Tips for a Touring Dancer

  1. “Out of sight, out of mind.” — You might find it hard to receive calls for new opportunities when you are gone touring for a year because everyone would think that you are busy. Don’t be afraid of being vulnerable to reach out to people you have a decent relationship with.
  2. “Closed mouths don’t get fed.” — Let them know you want to work. Let them know they can hit you up if there were a job that they would think fits you.
  3. Don’t be demoralized if you got rejected from auditions. Improving yourself and doing the best you can is important but know the limits of your body and mental health.
  4. If the shower of the venue is bad and you’ll feel like you are going to be dirtier after taking a shower there, just take a birdbath and use wet wipes.

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