What Does A Song Writer/ Producer Do?

There are a lot of viable paths to getting on the road or working with musicians or being involved in the music industry. Being a songwriter/producer is indeed one of them. Songwriters write songs for artists involving lyrics and melodies. Producers are the directors of songs and albums, and they get involved in the process of overseeing all aspects of composing and recording the songs.

Skills Required to be a Songwriter/Producer

For the technical part, having a strong musical background and knowledge of music as well as technical expertise is required for this job. It is also highly important for a songwriter/producer to have strong communication skills as they are mostly working with multiple people on a song or an album.

Working on an Artist Project

When an artist starts to do their artist project, it means they are now making music and releasing it either by their name or by their project name. They are focusing on their music; they are doing photoshoots, playing shows, going on tour – constantly developing that. And when songwriters focus on their artist’s project, most of the time they are not writing for other people as often. So it’s a focus of priorities.

Creation of Songs

There are different ways of how a song is created. One of which is that a songwriter might have songs for pitch – which means that they have songs ready. They send it to artists, the managers, and to the labels to see if someone wants to record it and have it be their songs.

Another way is to have co-writing sessions. Typical pop songs have co-writing sessions where four people are working on it:

  • There will be a lyricist who writes the lyrics
  • There will be someone that also does lyrics and melody who sings
  • There will be someone who does the track
  • And another lyricist, or another instrument player 

There are people that have different specialties within songwriting and a lot of hit songs these days have somewhere between the average of nine to ten writers because sometimes the song gets passed around – people will have a chorus idea and they will send it, or the artist cuts lyrics and they will have someone come in to help them figure out the lyrics or figure out how it goes; they will send the song to another producer or three/four producers. The number of people who works on a record depends on the requirements of the song or the album.

Songwriter/Producer Tips

  • Do one thing and do the next thing. Then ask yourself: “Alright, what’s next?” That’s going to progress you in some way forward. It is OK if you don’t know where it’s going to take you, do it to increase your luck.
  • As a songwriter, aside from the monetary gain and the social aspects of it, you will feel very excited when your music reaches a mass amount of people. It’s just really cool seeing a lot of people relate to the song and feel a connection.
  • You have to have an internal value – you cannot let external things determine your happiness.
  • Start putting less focus on ifs.
  • Don’t be jealous of other producers or songwriters that are successful or that are doing better than you. The second you start comparing yourself, you are going to feel like you will never be enough. The right way of comparing is to think that “this or that person is doing well, I could do this too.” Refocus your energy in a positive way.
  • You can’t do your job for accolades; the accolades have to be additional. Some people are defined by the accolades and that is just a recipe for disaster.
  • Find your meditation in your practice.
  • You really need to be having facetime with people and showing them that you are a good person – and you’re getting hired.

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