Maintaining A Healthy Touring Lifestyle

If you have made it this far reading the articles and/or listening to the podcast episodes, we know that you want to get into the touring music industry. You’re trying your best to master your profession, whether it’s being in a touring crew or being on the stage as an artist…. Or maybe you have no idea of what you’re going to do but you know that you are a music fan, and you want to exist in this world. No matter which circumstance you are in, we are glad that you are here. In this article, we want to talk to you about maintaining a healthy touring lifestyle. It is one of the most significant topics that should be talked about, and it involves not only physical health but also mental health.

Humanizing Effort

Being Larger Than Life 

One of the main goals we have creating this podcast is to humanize a lot of these people working in the music industry that people only see on stage or backstage. There might be some people in the music industry that can’t humanize themselves because their whole careers are based on being larger than life appearance, and that’s OK. 

We All Struggle

However, we feel so lucky to have amazing guests that are willing to show their human side and share their feelings, obstacles, thoughts, and journeys for the sake of teaching. We think that it is extremely helpful for everybody that follows them, and it makes them feel like they can achieve what other people in the music industry have achieved. With this approach, we can see that even people with these high levels of achievement and success struggle and go through the same things we do. 

It Is Possible 

You might feel that what you want to achieve is impossible, but in reality, it is possible. In addition to working really hard every day, it is also important to fight those thoughts that tell you “You’re not enough.” It is not true, you are enough. You just have to figure out how to keep going. Because, at the end of the day, it is not just what you do but how you do it.

Mental Health

With that being said, let’s start with mental health. It is an undeniable fact that everybody has battles within their mind. Facing yourself with your own critique and not always winning those battles can be demoralizing. But when you start working on your mental health, you realize that you don’t deserve to talk to yourself in an unhealthy way. You should practice how to talk to the very unhealthy side of your mind and separate yourself from that side. When you learn how to communicate with your feelings, you will realize that you are over exaggerating some things, and you will master healthy communication. It should also be noted that what you are feeling is real because you feel it, yet it does not mean that it is true. You may feel like a failure, a disappointment; that is not the case. Learning how to differentiate between your feelings and what is a reality will help you overcome this battle inside your head.  

The State of Giving

Whether you’re on the stage as an artist or working behind the stage to help create a beautiful show that everyone will remember, you should know that you are not there to be perfect. You are there to give a gift that is your profession. Nobody is perfect but if you continuously show up doing your best in a state of giving rather than in a state of feeling like you have to be enough will put you in a much better state of mind. You should be doing what you feel is right in any given situation regardless of what other people are doing, and you will see that it works out.

Relationships with Your Touring Companions

The secret of fostering a close and loving community on tour arises from becoming friends with the people you are working with. You need to make sure that you love these people, and they love you because you will be with them for a long time while touring. And if you are being very open about everything; about your growth, your mistakes, your struggles, it not only humanizes you but also creates beautiful relationships with them. Even if you are a part of a great touring family, sometimes you might feel lonely and left out, it is because those voices are getting in your head. If you feel any kind of struggle while touring, you can come forward and share your feelings. You can create a safe space on tour to help overcome those thoughts and feelings and help others’ struggles as well. Everybody will get stronger together and it will reinforce being a family.

Physical Health

Apart from mastering your mental health, your physical health is also highly important on tour. If you have good health, it will affect your performance better. Some artists choose to roll with dry tours. That means, the tour does not allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages or drugs while working, and that helps. Some tours, on the other hand, can be about partying, and that’s OK too. It’s how they want it, and there’s nothing more fun than experiencing that. However, consuming alcohol every day of the tour might affect your physical health. Your body needs a rest, and you should hear what it says to you. Stuff like working out during your free time, going for runs or walks, and eating healthy can really help keep going. Once you start doing these, you will notice the energy boost and you will see that your working performance has never been better.

You Got This

We hope this article has shed some light on the issues that might be hard to talk about sometimes. We just want you to know that you are capable of anything, and you are loved. If you are struggling, please reach out. It all starts and ends with you. You got this.

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