Becoming a Manager in the Music Industry

Managers are the people that hold everything together for an artist. They delegate who does what and when, and they oversee everything that happens with their artist’s project. In the “Becoming a Manager in the Music Industry” episode, we hear Bing’s story about how he started at a day job, then interned, worked at a management company, and eventually worked his way up to becoming a manager. His story has a very organic progression, and we are here to give you tips and tricks on how you can work your way up as well.

Being a Fan of Music

If you are a fan of music working in the music industry is the most rewarding thing that can happen to you. Your co-workers will recognize your enthusiasm for your job and you will have so much fun doing what you love. Just find something that you love to do in this industry and then figure out how to make money out of it. It is so unique to see people having the best time while they are working. So, if you like music there is always an avenue for you in this industry even if playing music isn’t it.

Reading the Room

When you’re starting to exist in the music industry, reading the room first before attempting to network with people in the room will work in your favor. Sitting back and observing your surroundings before you actually start interacting will make you understand when the right time for you is to speak. This is a quality that people in this industry like, and if you are not a distraction, you are more likely to be the one that they would prefer working with. You are in a social group when you are working with artists, and if you are seamlessly and effortlessly assimilated into that social group by being your best self you will find your way in.

Assistant Jobs are Great 

Assistant jobs are excellent ways to get your foot in the door. You are basically a paid intern when you are assisting, and you can learn what managers do in the kinds of conversations that they have to have, and you get to see how they deal with labels and agencies. You are right there experiencing the phone calls and meetings – it’s a crash course!

Work Your Way Up

Imposter syndrome is real, and it happens to everyone. You might feel alone, and you might feel like you don’t know what you’re doing in your job. However, know that everyone is just trying to figure it out. 

So, apart from being good at your job, once you start to understand how to read the room, how to have interactions in a professional way, how not to be a punisher and a jerk, how to be a good hang, and how to be an enjoyable person to be around – you will make a good manager. As we always say, this industry is a “word of mouth” industry, and working your way up depends on not only how good you are at your job but also how good of a hang you are.

With that being said, what a good hang looks like depends on your job environment as well. Yes, having a good personality is an absolute requirement of this industry, however, sometimes you just don’t vibrate on the same wavelength with the people that you are working with. It doesn’t always mean that you are not a good hang. It just means that it’s not a good fit and you can find other artists to work with. Remember, just being your absolute best self is the most important thing.


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