Navigating the Industry as a Musician

There are a few different routes that people take to get into a band – you might be a very skilled musician and your network can help, you might be friends with the band members, and they might ask you to join, or you might directly get in contact with the band or their manager if they are looking for a new band member.

If you are a musician, you need to know how to navigate in the industry – going from one band to another, knowing which skills are required and what things to look for in a band before you sign with them and become a part of the band.


How to Navigate the Industry?

Networking is the biggest factor that opens the doors of new chances for musicians just like it does for crew members. A musician, therefore, needs to be aware of the power of networking. It is important for a musician to know the touring etiquette and be a nice person to be around with.


Required Skills

A musician’s constant self-improvement and being at the top of their game is something everyone notices. However, apart from their musical skills, their people skills are also just as important. As mentioned above, being a nice person to be around with is the key to a musician’s networking success, so a musician should work on their people skills.


Things to Look for

Being on the road, being on the stage, being in the studio… Everything is a learning experience; a musician gets to be aware of what they look for in a band in time with experience.

Situations may arise where you cannot get along with everyone in the band. Maybe their touring style isn’t for you. You can notice such details while touring with them and you get to decide more confidently what you want in your next step.

The hardships that you face while touring can turn out to be the best things that ever happened to you career-wise since they force you to take different routes. They give you tools to identify in the future if something arises and you know exactly what you’re going to do without wasting your time.


Everyone is Essential

Musician’s ego can be real. However, with years of touring, musician’s ego goes out the door. You don’t think of yourself as above or below anybody. Everyone is working together to make this happen – everyone is essential.


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