Touring Exit Strategy

People aren’t usually in the touring world because it’s just what they ended up doing. They are here because they have intention, and they want to do this. In this industry, people are in a place where everything they are doing is almost just as much fun as it is hard work. And because of that, they always need to reevaluate, figure out where they need to go, how are they going to get off, and what’s their escape strategy if they need one. Touring jobs serve a purpose, but they are also strenuous, and it is okay to think that it might not be your end game.

Downsides of Touring 

As you get older, the flights and the early lobby calls might get a little less fun. Also, your hangovers get worse, and things might get a little bit harder. If you have been touring for a long time, things might get repetitive. Don’t get us wrong, being on the road, and touring with artists are addicting and exciting; it’s quite euphoric almost – that’s one of the reasons why we do it. However, the allure or the appeal of those new experiences on the road might eventually become a little bit less wow factor because, in years of touring, you’ll know exactly what it’s gonna be like.

Looking from a Different Angle 

Once you progress in life, you might want to take a step back and have a mature understanding of your life – family, health, future… Touring is your career, and when you see some hardships in the touring industry that people have to go through in order to provide for their families could be an eye-opener for your future plans. We are not saying that you need to exit touring at a certain age, or exit touring at all –  there are people who are extremely happy with this lifestyle and every life path is different for everybody. We are just saying that it is OK to have an exit strategy if you feel like you need a break or change your career at some point.

What Can You Do?

If you start having these thoughts, you might want to write those thoughts down and revisit them in 2 months to see your own state of mind. If those thoughts are still there, and you’re feeling a certain way, then it might be a catalyst that shows you you’re overextended your journey on touring.

Different Ways of Touring 

There are different ways of touring, of course, depending on the genre, artist, etc. When you’re first trying to tour, it’s better to take anything you can get just to be on the road. After a couple of experiences and developing your skills, you can start getting picky. Seeing different ways of touring and having an idea of how you want to tour help you to be motivated about what you’re doing. 

Plan B 

With years of experience, if you want to stop touring you need a plan B. If you still want to exist in the music industry, working at a local venue or having an office job could work for you. You have the skills, you have the understanding of the big picture, and you have the network. Perfect! You already know that there is so much you can do with networking, and your skills acquired while touring are applicable to so many things. Therefore, it goes without saying that you got this. You can even create your own job – not necessarily in the music industry – and still be good at it because all the time and effort that you put into touring does pay off without you even noticing.

Learning is Never-Ending 

There is still a lot of stuff to learn and as long as you’re continually trying to do better and continually trying to elevate, whatever it is you do next, you’re going to be successful at it. Have the goal and have the vision, and things will work themselves out!

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